From Blood to Ashes: Meet Adano

When I write a love story, I want to see it from all sides of the relationship(s). Though, I don’t always do this because I don’t think all stories need it. That’s how I decide points of view and tense and everything–it’s all based on what this story needs.

In Nightshade Academy, the story is told purely from Nova’s perspective. This isn’t because I don’t adore Kian, her love interest–because I totally do. It’s because Kian doesn’t need to change the way Nova does.

All stories are about change. If there’s no change in a book, why the heck are we reading it?

From Blood to Ashes needs Lisette and Adano as point-of-view characters because they have a lot of changing and overcoming to do as individuals. Not to mention, they’re from very different places. Sure, they’re both vampires and live in the same kingdom, but Lisette is a hardened warrior, and Adano is a highly valued prisoner.

Also, Adano is male, a vampyre, and Lisette is female. This, unfortunately, changes everything when it comes to vampires. All vampyres are prisoners. Females run the show, and since males are so rare, they lock them up. 

Adano has been through some horrible things. He makes the best of it by smiling through anything and everything. He lies to himself. He’s sarcastic. But, like Lisette, he has a big heart hidden underneath it all. 

Lisette has never had much of a chance to show her heart. Adano has had his heart broken. Their first meeting is a battlezone because both Lisette and Adano see the other as another enemy.

Eventually, they’ll become allies.

And more.

Much more.

Read the From Blood to Ashes prologue, Vampyre, if you want to dive into Adano’s story. It’s told entirely from his perspective and it’s FREE. 😀

Another bonus! Someday, I’d like to do more than scratches of doodles, but this is all I’ve got for now. I had From Blood to Ashes on my mind while I was sitting in a car and made this one the same day I made that Lisette doodle.

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