Kestra Pingree is a creative who doesn’t know how to stop. They are first and foremost a writer and storyteller with an endless library of books in their head just waiting to be typed. They are also an artist and animator, as well as a singer, songwriter, and voice actor. One day they swear they’re going to make their own video game, too.

If it involves creating, they are there.

They can also be seen cuddling their cat, reading, or playing video games.

Hello! Kestra Pingree isn’t the only name I work under.

I’m also known as Usachii. I stream myself playing and creating video games and sing for the wonderful harmonicblend (founded by Trass).

Dizzy & Dink comprises a sibling duo, Zora and Usachii.

Zora is the primary artist. All of these adorable designs are made by Zora’s magical hand.

Usachii formats, markets, delegates, runs this website… You get it. The miscellaneous stuff.