Music Hello, hello. Been a while since I've uploaded any music. This is an original song I composed and sang for my duology Awash with Summer Roses. I hope you enjoy it. If you'd like to read the books, start with The Girl in the Garden. (It's free.) Book link: […]

Troubled Pines I had the wonderful opportunity of singing for harmonicblend once again! "seventy beats per minute" is the last song in the original soundtrack for HEARTBEAT. harmonicblend did the entire OST. That's 72 songs total on that OST! We'd love it if you took a listen. And, if you'd like […]


Exciting news! I sang every song in the new album harmonicblend just released, Yumekatari. :D It's the original soundtrack for an upcoming video game called Yume no Sono. Extra awesome. Living the dream! I've been singing for years now. It's kind of crazy looking back on just how many songs […]

Yumekatari: Yume no Sono Vocal OST

Here’s some information about harmonicblend’s latest project, COSMOCRYSTAL: Clalliss xest hymmnos. 森羅万象の想いの波を導く 七色の螺旋塔 ーPantha=Rhei 想いを色へと変える 詩魔法増幅結晶機 ーCosmocrystal Pantha=Rheiの元に立つ 強大なるクレーネルアラクス奏人戦闘魔法士官学校に在る 七人の少女たちの「色」が織り成す物語 「Cosmocrystal Clalliss xest hymmnos」 惑星アルシエルの未来のひとつの可能性を その遥か未来の世界の「詩」の「色」をリフレクトする ー ARMがお送りする 「アルトネリコ」シリーズと世界観を共有する 二次創作ヒュムノスアルバム – Cosmocrystal Clalliss xest hymmnos M3-2015秋 M-19yにて頒布予定 全10曲収録 A 10-track doujin hymmnos album, imaged in the Ar tonelico series, imagining but […]

COSMOCRYSTAL: Clalliss xest hymmnos – harmonicblend

We are now accepting pre-orders! Pre-orders from outside Japan ARMのC88頒布作品の通販予約受付を開始しました!日本国内からの予約は、 をご利用ください。発送は8/21からを予定しています。たくさんのご予約をお待ちし­ています。 —————————————-­—————————————-­—- This is a fan CD of the “Ar tonelico” series. All the tracks are new works that tells the story of a legend we made, not present in the original games The lyrics of the songs are sung […]

Sol=Akata ~Melifan oz Sasye oz Sheak~ [Crossfade] – harmonicblend