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Here’s some information about harmonicblend’s latest project, COSMOCRYSTAL: Clalliss xest hymmnos.

森羅万象の想いの波を導く 七色の螺旋塔 ーPantha=Rhei
想いを色へと変える 詩魔法増幅結晶機 ーCosmocrystal
Pantha=Rheiの元に立つ 強大なるクレーネルアラクス奏人戦闘魔法士官学校に在る 七人の少女たちの「色」が織り成す物語
「Cosmocrystal Clalliss xest hymmnos」
惑星アルシエルの未来のひとつの可能性を その遥か未来の世界の「詩」の「色」をリフレクトする ー

ARMがお送りする 「アルトネリコ」シリーズと世界観を共有する 二次創作ヒュムノスアルバム – Cosmocrystal Clalliss xest hymmnos
M3-2015秋 M-19yにて頒布予定 全10曲収録

A 10-track doujin hymmnos album, imaged in the Ar tonelico series, imagining but one of the possible futures of the planet Ar ciel, that reflects the [colors] of the [songs] in that world of the distant future: Cosmoscrystal Clalliss xest hymmnos

The seven colored spiral tower that pulls the flow of all things in creation – Pantha=Rhei
A song magic crystallized amplification device that changes a reyvateil’s feelings into [color]: Cosmoscrystal
The stories of seven girls that have enlisted in the mighty Craynel Allax Reyvateil Battle-Magus Military Academy, standing under Pantha Rhei, are now to be told and echoed, painted over with the color of their songs.


This is a fanwork of the Game Series “Ar tonelico”, our second Original Hymmnos Album, “COSMOCRYSTAL: Claliss xest hymmnos”. The CD will be sold at the Autumn M3-2015 at Tokyo Ryutsu Center, Japan (booth M-19y). International Shipping is possible, details for Pre-Orders coming in the near future. Digital Downloads will be available for purchase a week after the event.


Composer: Trass, KiloTango
Vocal: KiloTango, Alroetsue
Mix&Master: clea leshlick
Lyrics: Geiky, Utsuho Lazy, LoneReyvateil, Space Potato, Sonwe, Michi, KiloTango

Illustration: aria, asa+kari, accha
Album Design: KiloTango
Movie: accha

Original Concept: Geiky
Production: ell

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