Yumekatari: Yume no Sono Vocal OST

Exciting news! I sang every song in the new album harmonicblend just released, Yumekatari. 😀 It's the original soundtrack for an upcoming video game called Yume no Sono. Extra awesome. Living the dream!

I've been singing for years now. It's kind of crazy looking back on just how many songs I've recorded. It's especially fun to look back on my origins. I started with doing fan covers of Vocaloid music on Youtube.

I was super intrigued by the idea of having singers you could basically use like a synthesizer. Their voices are cute and so are their designs. Best of all? A lot of amazing composers picked Vocaloid up and made it great. There are so many good songs out there. Hard songs too.

Vocaloid doesn't have the same limitations a human singer has. What does that have to do with me? Well, I feel like singing Vocaloid covers pushed me to improve. And thank goodness for that because harmonicblend, the group I do music with regularly, forces me to use everything I've got.

See for yourself! I'm really proud of this album we completed. We've done a lot of music by this point, and I feel like we just continue to grow. <3

Buy now! https://harmonicblend.bandcamp.com/album/yumekatari
Yumekatari: https://youtu.be/KGamEUTIALI

00:00 - Ayakashiki
00:26 - ONEIROSCOPY ~sumaq musquy~
01:00 - Muen
01:28 - Dreamcatcher
01:56 - Starclad
02:50 - Yumekatari
03:28 - Momoshi

Yumekatari is an 8-track official vocal OST album for the game Yume no Sono and Hoshi Agari by Primumsoft. All the songs are mainly in Japanese with some Latin and Quechuan chorus.

►Music: Trass
►Mix: clea
►Lyrics: Geiky
►Vocals: Usachii (https://www.youtube.com/user/Usachiichan)
►Art, Video: accha

Yume no Sono is a supernatural mystery visual novel set mainly within a modern day context where the flow of time and the lives of people have become intertwined with all sorts of strange phenomena.

Hoshi Agari is a fantasy visual novel set within a modern day context where the common human world inadvertently coexists with all sorts of supernatural creatures and mysterious phenomena.


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