★★★★★ 5/5

I'm lucky my sister told me about Baby Driver because I did not see a single preview of it. It was a pretty funny introduction though. She had seen it with our grandma and loved it so much that she told me we had to go see it together. She was willing to watch it TWICE in the same week. That piqued my interest. She tried to explain the movie to me, but she had a hard time doing it. I understood why after I saw it with her, but, put simply, Baby Driver is awesome.

How awesome is Baby Driver? Well, I took my friend to the same movie like a week later. It was that awesome, especially in theaters. I have never seen a movie utilize sound the way Baby Driver did.

So what is Baby Driver? It's kind of a car chase movie I guess. Baby--yes, Baby--is a getaway driver. It has a good story that I love with great action scenes, acting, and characters. But the music, you guys. The music brings it all together. You know how important music is in a musical. It's just as important in this movie if not more so even though it isn't a musical.

Baby is constantly listening to music in this film and has a billion playlists. Whenever he has his earphones in, we hear the music along with him. It's basically a constant soundtrack of his life where all the things happening happen in time to the music he's listening to. It's really cool and reason enough to watch the movie, but I honestly loved everything about it, so I can't really recommend it enough.

Go watch it! It's out on Blu-ray now.

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