From Blood to Ashes: The Idea

I have the curse/blessing of a million ideas. The number of stories I want to write is huge. And it keeps growing.

Unfortunately, I am only human. I doubt I’ll get to write EVERY story. That’s where things get hard, because I have to choose which stories to write.

When I started writing, the thing I cared about most was finishing a story. That was my goal. It took me years of starting and stopping novels before I figured out why I couldn’t do it. “What’s the point of this novel?” and “What do I want to do with it?” were the two biggest questions I didn’ t have answers to. Without those answers, I couldn’t finish anything.

When I was able to answer those questions, I succeeded in completing my first novel.

But I never published it.

I didn’t have the skills to edit it, to create the thing I envisioned. So, I put it away and wrote another story, a simpler, much-shorter novel that I was able to both complete and finish.

That was the start of my self-publishing journey.

With several novels now under my belt, more questions came up, demanding answers.

Why am I writing?

What do I want out of this?

Finishing that first novel and publishing it was addicting. I knew I wanted to do it again and again and that meant finding a way to make writing my fiction books a full-time job. 

That meant I had to learn how to run a business and all about marketing and… all these things I didn’t know a writer had to do. I just wanted to write the books, dammit. 

I say that, but I do love my job. I’ve even learned to enjoy the business and marketing parts.

It’s all worth it, because my ultimate goal is writing books I love for readers who also love them while making a modest full-time income so I can keep writing FULL SPEED AHEAD.

To consolidate all the things I and my readers love, I made a universe. Now, I don’t have an official name for that universe yet, but the majority of books I write are in it, and there will be many more to come.

This universe has three primary worlds, two of which have been explored to some extent: Prime and Trinity.

Today, we’re talking about Prime.

I missed Sorissa and her guys so much after finishing The Lost Princess of Howling Sky I can’t even explain. Since I love that story and the world (Prime) so dearly and it’s my bestseller, it made it a little bit easier to pick which series I would write after Nightshade Academy

From Blood to Ashes.

I have a million stories I want to write in Prime alone, but this one kept shouting at me. That’s why it won. The main characters, Lisette and Adano, shouted the loudest out of all the characters waiting for their stories.

I hope their voices reach you.

These are the burning questions I had that led to From Blood to Ashes:

What was Prime like before the Hellfire Strike?

What is it like to be a vampyre in vampire society?

How the hell can I play with what Gala did at the end of Queen of Werewolves?

What would a kick-ass vampire warrior look like?

When should I show my readers what’s going on behind the scenes in this universe?

How can I write the most heart-wrenching, yet satisfying, romance?

I asked myself many more questions, but those are a few of them. They probably give you a decent idea of what kind of story to expect, too.

There’s so much I want to say, but it spoils everything, so I guess we’ll have to settle for the blurb if you want to know details. 

Also, don’t forget. You can read Vampyre, the prologue, for free right now.

And if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you can read the first 12 chapters of Vampire Captives, the first book in the series, for free and also right now.

I can’t wait to share this story with you. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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