Vampire Captives

Kill him?
I could have done that.
Couple with him?
Like hell.

I am a slayer, one of Silver Hollow’s greatest warriors. I carry my fellow vampires with honor and carve out werewolves’ unsuspecting hearts.

Or I did.

I tend to ask forgiveness instead of permission, and my body count didn’t save me this time.

Our queen stripped me of my rank, my purpose. She commanded I become a vessel meant to bear vampire young.

And the male I’ve been assigned is trouble.

We have undeniable chemistry, but Adano Vice would sooner kill me than follow our queen’s orders. The feeling is mutual.

Unfortunately, Adano is no ally. He’s another enemy. If I don’t play his game and free him from Silver Hollow, he’ll make sure this ends in my death. Unless I win and reclaim my slayer rank.

I have everything to lose.
He has everything to gain.