Different Flavors of Romance – Nightshade Academy Extras

Romance. It’s in everything.

No, seriously. It’s in everything. 

Truthfully, I used to kind of begrudge that fact. In some ways, I still do. 

What the hell, Kestra. Aren’t you a fantasy/romance writer or whatever?

I mean, yes. Totally. Let me explain.

I never got it. It was never something I could relate to, and while that hasn’t exactly changed, I’d like to think I’ve opened my mind A LOT. 

What made reading all this random romance in my sprawling fantasies and whatever a bit obnoxious is the fact I couldn’t see myself in them. It’s so important to see ourselves in stories. They’re also a way to experience things we haven’t or will never experience in real life.

Have you ever ridden on the back of a dragon? Yes? Well, sign me up. 

But seriously, romance is a thing most people experience at one point in their life. Sex, love, the whole combination, means some very powerful emotions. 

Why do we read? To have an experience. To feel emotions. You won’t remember the details of a story you love years from now, but if it had a significant emotional impact on you, you’re going to remember that.

Some of my favorite books are books that finally showed me it’s okay to not “romance in the traditional way.” As in, boy meets girl. Sometimes it’s girl meets girl. Sometimes it’s boy meets boy. Sometimes it’s years of friendship that becomes something else. Sometimes those relationships don’t have to involve sex at all. Sometimes people aren’t even interested in romance. Maybe gender shouldn’t be considered binary.

This is what I mean. I want more stories with more diversity. That includes romance and love itself. 

So, that’s what I do when I say I write romance. (Of course, this includes all the glorious fantasy I’m obsessed with, but we’re focusing on the romance bit). 

Along with that, sometimes my books will be steamy and sometimes they won’t be. Makes sense with what I said above, yeah?

Everyone deserves love.

Nightshade Academy does have a girl and a boy who meet like most any classic romance, but I think you’ll find it a bit different if you read it. I don’t want to define their sexuality here, because, like me, they’re figuring it out as they go.

This story has a colorful cast of characters (yes, I did that) I can’t wait for you to meet. I think you’ll love them. If my love for them can bleed through the words I’ve written, you definitely will.

What diverse fantasy/romance books do you love? I’m always looking for more, so share away.

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