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Weekly Update 6/26/2022

Who else has been insanely busy? I had to make this short and sweet.★★★~KESTRA’S LINKS~NEWSLETTER → → SOUL SEER SAGA → LOST PRINCESS OF HOWLING SKY SERIAL → ~DIZZY & DINK~ (If you want a notebook!)OFFICIAL WEBSITE → ~RECOMMENDATIONS~ULTRAXENOPIA →

Weekly Update 6/19/2022

I hope y'all are enjoying Nightshade Academy. Episode 2 came out a few days ago, and I'm already posting the first draft of episode 3 on my Patreon. Yep, I'll post a new chapter every day until that draft is complete, and then I'll move on to episode 4 and […]

Nightshade Academy Episode 3 – Patreon Early Access

I've been busy, busy, busy as usual. I've said before that I'm slowly moving my books out of Kindle Unlimited, but that new series would start in Kindle Unlimited. I had some problems with that. I mean, I'm still DOING that, but what about people who get their books from […]

Patreon and moving books out of Kindle Unlimited.