Contemporary Romance Today, I’m reviewing Work For It by Talia Hibbert. This is the first book I’ve read by her, but I’ve been following her on social media her for a while because she writes diverse romance! I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed. Want to buy Work For It? […]

Work For It by Talia Hibbert – Romance Book Review

I love reading a good book. I’m sure that comes as no surprise. But I also love taking those books and internalizing them. After that phase, I want to share that book with everyone, and I want to hear the author’s own take on it. I can appreciate what authors […]

Blind to Love – Behind the Story

It’s the first night of summer. I’ve got my guitar placed snugly into its travel case and I’m ready to go. Technically, I don’t even need my guitar, but it feels better than the one Malcolm has up for grabs. I won’t bring an amp or anything, though. Malcolm has […]

Blind to Love – Chapter One