Week 3 – Overtime

Current projects

Valentine’s Day Tigers – The Holiday Shifter Mates Book 3

This week has been a blur. And my anxiety has been through the roof. I deal with anxiety daily, but when a lot of stress is added to the mix, it amplifies it by a lot. I’m saying this so anyone else out there like me can hopefully try to remember to be kind. Yes, to yourself, be kind.

When you can avoid stress, do it. I could have avoided stress, but I told myself I could get these holiday books out in time, and I can, but it’s on a rigorous schedule that isn’t great for my mental health. After this book is done, I’ll be taking a small break to play Kingdom Hearts III, and then I’ll get back to it at a much more realistic pace. That’s my goal as I continue on this journey of balancing self-care and self-actualization.

Having said that, I’m very happy with how far this book has come. I finished an editing round at 17,932 words this week, and then I edited the entire book again (checking for inconsistencies and stuff) at 58,996 words. I don’t know about you, but I feel like that’s a damn lot of words. Then I combed through it all again with Word and Grammarly.

You know what that means? It’s time to make the cover. I started that today! I think I’ve figured out how I want it, so now I need to fine-tune it. Busy, busy, busy.

Once Soulmates – These Immortal Vows Book 3

I got in 1,423 words for the first draft of this one. I also finished the first scene with a character I had been dying to write for months. So, that feels pretty fucking fantastic.

About Gender Identity – YA book

I’m still working on character profiles for this secretish project. I hit 1,326 words for it this week. I’m in love with these characters. It’s been interesting working at a much slower pace for this story. It’s giving me plenty of time to let these characters simmer in my subconscious.

Blind to Love – audiobook

Audiobook production is still on hold, but I’ve actually got a special promo coming up for this book. You’ll be able to get it for only 99c for a very limited time. About a week, so keep your eyes open! I’m hoping to get a blog post or two out about some behind-the-scenes stuff concerning this book to go along with that.

I don’t want to spend too much time here talking about Moriah and Avery, the main characters, since this post is for current projects, but those two kids. With Blind to Love, I wanted to write a “different” kind of love story, something that’s in the “romance” genre, but “deliberately” ignoring popular tropes, like the irresistible bad-boy character. I wanted to switch those roles in a way, making Moriah my bad girl instead. I think I’ve succeeded in that.

At the end of the day, it’s a coming of age story where a troublemaking girl learns about love. It’s close to my heart, and I can’t wait to introduce it to new readers.


This week has been a whirlwind. I wish I could say I’m glad it’s over, but I don’t get to take the weekend off yet again. I’m doing yoga and writing in my journal, but I could use some good vibes. If you have any to spare, I would be grateful. I’ll do my best to send out good vibes as well.

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