Week 2 – Nose to the Grindstone

Current projects

Valentine’s Day Tigers – The Holiday Shifter Mates Book 3

I haven’t had much of a chance to practice the song I wrote for this beauty. A little here and there, but mostly I’m focusing on getting this book out there. Turning the song into a real song is just a bonus that’ll come along later. If I was better at planning, it would be part of the release and promo. Lesson learned this time? I hope so.

I edited 30,329, so that’s nice. I have about 17,000 more words to go through for this round. Once again, I gave myself a huge time crunch with this book. After this baby is done, I’m going to slow down a little. And by that, I just mean I’m not going to kill myself anymore trying to hit specific dates. In this case, holidays. I should have written these books way in advance.

Take my advice, authors, don’t back yourself into a corner. Life gets in the way enough. Give yourself enough time to do the things!

Once Soulmates – These Immortal Vows Book 3

I went off and wrote a scene that was approximately 1,700 words. It’s a scene that won’t be in this book because it’s from Valor’s perspective (only the most badass angel ever). I chose three perspectives for the main books in this series: Tasia, Rynne, and Arsen. Annnnd I did that for a reason. While I in no way regret that decision, it kills me when I’ve got all these other characters off doing important things.

And I very much have a favorite character in this series. It’s Cassius. My “villain.” I’d love to show everything he’s up to, but that’s not how this story is supposed to unravel. Maybe I’ll post this scene as free bonus content someday, but for now, it’s getting tucked away. But if you’re curious about Cassius, I wrote a short story in his perspective called On the Precipice. It adds a valuable bit of content to These Immortal Vows, at least if you want to know more about our “villain.”

Other than that, I put in 1,208 words that actually propelled the book forward. 😉

About Gender Identity – YA book

I keep going back and forth on my end goal for this book, so I only got 559 words in, but I think I’ve figured out enough to keep chugging along. I’m working on character profiles currently, and gosh, I love these kids.

Blind to Love – audiobook

This project is definitely on hold until I finish Valentine’s Day Tigers. That book needs to get done ASAP.


That’s all I’ve got for this week. I’m tired since I’ve been pushing, but everything is coming along. I’m looking forward to finishing Valentine’s Day Tigers because there’s a lot about my author platform that I need to optimize. Along with working hard on Queen of Werewolves, that’ll be my new priority.

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