The Hidden Monster Town – Nightshade Academy Extras

What makes a monster?

It’s a pretty age-old question, but one that never ceases to be fascinating to explore. It’s also rooted in the world of Ilenima. 

Nightshade Academy is located inside a hidden town called Nightshade located in northern Alaska. The town sits in the eye of a constant storm that rages all around it. Fairies are the cause of the storm, which also makes them Nightshade’s protectors.

Did I mention Nightshade’s residents are monsters? (I mean, excluding the fairies or whatever.) 

“Monsters.” There are vampires, gargoyles, aswangs, werebeasts, and many more. Nightshade is a peaceful place, though. It’s proof these “monsters” may not be so monstrous.

Those who graduate from the academy are ready and welcome to brave the big, scary world if they want. Eventually, unchanged humans will have to recognize that they aren’t so different. That’s what Madeline’s goal is; she’s a forever-child vampire and Nightshade Academy’s headmaster. 

I won’t deny many of the residents have some things to work through, though–like Nova’s impressive bloodlust–but they’re people first. They think. They feel. They want love and acceptance as much as anyone. That’s why the academy exists. It’s not so easy to tame the “monster” on your own.

For Nova, Nightshade ends up being the most human place she’s ever been. 

Will Nightshade be the place Nova can finally call home? Family?

With that, I conclude this series’ extra posts.

I hope you love Nightshade Academy. I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. 

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