Seven Days Until Queen of Werewolves

I think it’s inevitable to have favorites–even among your own characters. I usually latch on to my perspective characters most, and I think that’s reasonable. If I’m sitting there telling the story through their head, I feel really close to them. 

With the Lost Princess of Howling Sky, Sorissa and all her guys get to narrate. I’ve spent a lot of time in their heads, and I’m happy to report I don’t love any one of them more than the others. 😀

Okay, but if I was forced to choose, it’d be Sorissa. I wanted her to be genuine, earnest, a spitfire, powerful… She became all of those things and more. Out of all the books I’ve written, I feel she is my only main character who is truly heroic. And she needs to be if this world is going to have any chance of survival.

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