Eight Days Until Queen of Werewolves

I seem to break genre rules a lot, even when I fully intend on staying inside that genre’s specific box. This could be looked at as a good and bad thing?

First, let me blame any genre-bending on my characters. They tell me how it is. They’re all unbelievably stubborn like that. 

The Lost Princess of Howling Sky is a reverse harem romance. I did the research, I read books in the genre, learned what readers expect, and went from there. Well, two of my guys sort of have their own thing going on in this story (even though I told them no), BUT I feel this series still has to be called reverse harem.

Why? Because Sorissa is the queen, man. What she says go. Her guys will do anything for her. More than anything, though, they’re pack. That sort of closeness, family, blood-related or not, is something I have in all of my stories. 

Pack. This is why wolves are my much beloved.

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