We are now accepting pre-orders! Pre-orders from outside Japan ARMのC88頒布作品の通販予約受付を開始しました!日本国内からの予約は、 をご利用ください。発送は8/21からを予定しています。たくさんのご予約をお待ちし­ています。 —————————————-­—————————————-­—- This is a fan CD of the “Ar tonelico” series. All the tracks are new works that tells the story of a legend we made, not present in the original games The lyrics of the songs are sung […]

Sol=Akata ~Melifan oz Sasye oz Sheak~ [Crossfade] – harmonicblend

A year ago today, Dreaming Mary (game link) was released. accha (tumblr link) is the creator of this wonderful game, and Trass (Soundcloud link) was a large supporter. I also helped out by singing some music for the game. Basically, you could say the harmonicblend (bandcamp link) team came together to realize this game! […]

Dreaming Mary 1 Year Anniversary