The Goodest Boy – Nightshade Academy Extras

Who doesn’t love dogs?

Okay, some people don’t. But they’re wrong.

Kidding. Or am I?


Kian is Nova’s love interest in Nightshade Academy. He’s also an aswang who turns into a big black dog that he likes to think of as a hellhound. Because it sounds cool.

While Kian is certainly a human being with human-being-like feelings, I also wanted to give him my favorite dog qualities. You know. Loyalty, unbiased love, that fluffy warm thing to hug when you’re sad…

And fairies. Kian is a fairy magnet.

I’m kind of reluctant to say more about Kian beyond that. I want you to get to know him as Nova does. It’s part of the fun! And I want you to fall in love with him.

Hard. Fall hard, please.

Not satisfied with this? Ask questions. I’ll answer them if I can. As in, if they aren’t major spoilers!!!

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