Halloween 2017

Halloween is the time to paint pumpkins! That's what I do with my family. The last few years, we've picked a theme and all paint from that. This year was owls. I picked the theme. I have a thing for birds, owls especially. They're super cute! Just look at those eyes! I can't even.

Painting is something I don't have a lot of experience with. I've done mostly digital art because I don't have to pay for supplies. I mean, I had to buy a tablet and software, but then I could make all kinds of pictures. When it comes to traditional art, I use pretty cheap things a lot of the time. Ballpoint pen is my favorite tool to doodle with. Pencil is okay. For a finished piece, I think colored pencils are my favorite. I'm used to dry mediums. I'm really interested in watercolor though, so maybe someday I'll get better at using them. Right now, watercolor is not easy for me.

Anyway, end of rant. I enjoyed painting these pumpkins with my mom and little sister. It's satisfying to see them sitting in front of the house. The process of creating something is magical, but it's always nice to have that final product to look at, too.

Happy Halloween!


owl pumpkin 1

My owl.

owl pumpkin 3

Mom's owl.

owl pumpkin 2

Little sister's owl.

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