Vixen x Thief

Not even a sly fox shifter can run from Fate.

Soraya Rostami is tracking a Black Witch responsible for a curse that killed many, and her current lead is tied to her Fated Mate: the Portland Ghost. Black Witches took much from Soraya in the past, including her father, and it was all possible because of a Fated Mate’s betrayal. Most shifters think Fated Mates fix everything, but Soraya knows better. The fact her Fated Mate is involved in this investigation can’t be a good thing. 

An untrained witch is caught in another’s trap.

Evelyn, the Portland Ghost, uses her ability to melt into shadows to hide. She was abandoned by the person she trusted most, and now she’s unable to open her heart to anyone–even though she wants to. Evelyn has made a home for runaway kids and steals from the rich to provide for them. Recently, however, Evelyn has been doing jobs for an enigmatic client who pays more. Rather than thieving, she’s been planting jewelry that feels… odd. 

A string of curses leads to an ancient evil that will destroy Portland, and the only way to stop it is if Soraya and Evelyn can work together and mend their hearts along the way.