Stranded IRL

Expose Me Book 1

H3R0complex: Would it be weird to fall in love with someone you’ve never met in real life?

Why did my best friend have to send me this message now?

I don’t have time for this. I don’t even know H3R0complex’s real name, face, gender, anything, but I think I might like to. This message does strange things to my heart.

I met H3R0complex through Ethereal War, my escape from reality and the world where my mom–the coolest game developer–still exists in the form of an NPC.

My mom lost the fight against cancer four years ago. 

I’ve made it my mission to preserve my mom’s memory by taking control of Ethereal War, pulling strings behind the scenes with my backdoor. I know how it sounds, but I don’t care. I have the power to do this–or I would if it wasn’t for the hacker APOSTATE. 

APOSTATE is destroying Ethereal War with their cheats, and my grades are suffering for it. My dad has noticed, and even someone as laid-back as him could do something drastic if I don’t pretend like everything is fine. 

I have enough to worry about, right? 

H3R0complex: – message deleted –