Hunter x Wolf

Demons play tricks.

This fact has been pounded into eight-year-old Zevadiah Stoll’s head. When he’s tasked with his first solo hunt, he knows to be wary. He’ll either emerge victorious, or he’ll die.

But his target isn’t clear.

Zevadiah thinks the wolfish boy he discovers is a victim. He refuses to heed the signs: the boy’s feral nature, the cut on his cheek that heals before Zevadiah’s eyes. Zevadiah simply doesn’t want to kill the boy, and he doesn’t.

That decision changes his life forever.

Zevadiah isn’t the hunter he’s supposed to be, and memories of the boy haunt him fifteen years later. Their next meeting is inevitable. Zevadiah intends to free himself by whatever means necessary, but Fate has a different plan.