“harmonicblend” is a music group created by Trass. The group consists of Trass and his friends across the world, who came together to create art and fun. The group debuted the release of Dreaming Mary, a horror rpg maker game created by one of harmonicblend’s members, accha. She then made a second game, Painted Heart, still with music from harmonicblend. Since then, harmonicblend had been commissioned to do a number of OSTs for several indie games, such as “But I Love You”, “Yume no Sono”, or “A More Beautiful World”. harmonicblend is also actively releasing hymmnos albums, fanwork of video game series, “Ar tonelico”, namely “Sol=Akata ~Melifan oz sasye oz sheak~” and “COSMOCRYSTAL: Clalliss xest hymmnos”.

I do a lot of music with the great composer Trass and the wonderful artist accha. We’ve done quite a few projects under the name harmonicblend. This includes other singers, lyric writers etc. as well, so check out our bandcampDreaming Mary and Painted Heart are a couple of games created by accha and Trass, and they also feature harmonicblend music and some vocal work from me.

You can listen to samples of harmonicblend’s music below. If you like what you hear, consider supporting us on Patreon. 🙂 Thank you!

a music album with songs colored in blue

Above is a crossfade of harmonicblend’s first concept album: Cerulean-Mono Rainbow (available to buy on Amazon).

composer // Trass
illustration // accha
art direction, design & crossfade movie // accha
mixing // clea leshlick (tr1~7, 9~12), Usachii (tr8)
mastering // clea leshlick
vocals // accha (tr1, 11, 12), Lollia (tr2~5), KT (tr6, 7, 11), Usachii (tr8, 9, 11), Lunacy (tr10, 11)
lyrics // Trass (tr1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12), Geiky (tr2, 3, 7, 9, 10), accha (tr8)
producer // Trass

This is a crossfade of works from 2014-2015. (You can go to Trass’s original upload here.)

Songs and singers:
0:00 – Ides ~Quen anw diasee~ (feat. Usachii)
0:20 – Goodnight Meteor (feat. Usachii and Coda)
0:40 – Dreaming Mary (feat. Usachii)
1:00 – Starry Wish (feat. Usachii)
1:16 – But I Love You (feat. Usachii)
1:50 – Aquarelle (feat. Lollia)
2:16 – Blue Dreams (feat. Usachii)
2:37 – Lacuna Rain (feat. Lollia)
2:56 – Painted Heart (feat. Usachii)
3:14 – nightmareish (feat. Usachii)
3:37 – Villanelle of the Blue Penguin (feat. Lollia)
4:06 – Bubblesphere (feat. Lollia)
4:30 – Sweetheart (feat. Usachii)
4:50 – KAIZOUMITUGI (feat. KT)
5:15 – Melospiza of the Star (feat. Usachii)
5:35 – Detective Master (feat. Usachii)

More credits:
Check out Dreaming Mary here if you haven’t already.
But I Love You is an upcoming video game. You can check it out here.
Detective Butler is another upcoming video game, which you can check out here.
Here is the art for Melospiza of the Star.
Singer Lollia
Singer KT
Singer Coda
Composer Trass
Artist accha
Lyricist Geiky
Mixer Clea
Singer Usachii

Dreaming Mary
Composer: Trass
Artist: accha
Vocalist: me (Usachii)

Children of the Tree
Composer: Trass
Artist: billies
Vocalist: me (Usachii)

Melospiza of the Star
Composer: Trass
Vocalist: me (Usachii)

Painted Heart
Composer: Trass
Artist: accha
Vocalist: me (Usachii)