Game Over

Expose Me Book 4

A lot has happened in Ethereal War. One minute, I lost everything. The next minute, the most unexpected person came to my rescue: Ritsuki Uchiyama. 

My almost stepbrother is a piece of work. I never thought I’d hear from him again after his mom dumped my dad, but I guess reality is more complicated than a video game could ever be. 

Ritsuki saved me just to drop a bomb on me.

eclectic: I wouldn’t trust him if I were you. 

Somehow, Ritsuki knows I’m with H3R0complex IRL. The only explanation is that he hacked Colton’s computer and found something he didn’t like. 

I want to ignore what he said, but he wouldn’t mess with me like this.

Who can I trust if I can’t even trust my best friend, the guy I’m in love with?