CiellaRin is an ongoing music based project with my friend PowersWithin. I sing our music and will typically write the lyrics and or melody. We work really well together, though. If one of us is at a loss for what to do, the other one can step in and get the project moving again! Along with collaborating in music, we also work together when creating the visual aspects of our songs.

The first mini-album we did is called Rin, an electronic and pop based mini-album. Here are videos we made for the songs on that album. Also, you can purchase the album on bandcamp.

Do You Remeber
PowersWithin: Composition, lyrics, art, animation
Usachii: Vocals, mixing, art

Finding Me
PowersWithin: Composition, art, animation
Usachii: Melody, lyrics, vocals, mixing, art

The second mini-album we did is called Ciella. It’s more of an experimental album with pop elements and orchestral strings and sounds. Also available on bandcamp.

Broken Doll
Usachii: Lyrics, vocals, composition, storyboard
Ebbie: Mixing
Powerswithin: Arrangment, rendering, animation

Snowflakes on Eyelashes
Usachii: Composition, lyrics, vocals, mixing, art
PowersWithin: Arrangement, art, animation