Beauty x Beast

A scarred wolf shifter must save his Soulmate before it’s too late.

Beast is a broken shifter who’s stuck in the body of his wolf. He’s a miserable creature with a cruel past. He is unworthy of love, for he is destruction. He knows and accepts his place apart and alone. Until the mysterious Matchmaker Witch appears and charges him with saving his Soulmate.

A naive witch stumbles onto a path that will end in his death.  

Beau is a witch who’s never known another of his kind. He’s tired of hiding, of living a lie. He wants someone who understands him, preferably a romantic partner to share every aspect of his life with. When he stumbles upon a coven of witches, he thinks he’s found where he belongs. But not all magic is good. An object housing an ancient, evil power threatens more than Beau’s chance at a happily ever after.