The Soul Seer Saga

The world is broken.

Nothing can fix it.

There is only ascension.

There is only the Cloud.

Rimn Balentin is gifted, an empath. Some think she’s a valuable piece of property. Others believe she is a monster that can’t be controlled. She tends to agree with the latter.

Her home was burned to the ground, and it was all her fault. That’s why she desperately wants to ascend and reach the legend floating in the sky to atone for her sins.

The Cloud. Paradise. Utopia.

Not many are allowed admittance to the land of legend. Rimn must prove her mettle through the long adventure ahead—if she can even get started.

She has been captured and enslaved, taken far away from the Cloud. She hasn’t been able to escape. Not on her own.

Now a man has snuck into her master’s fortress. Will he be the one to free her?

Will she reach the Cloud?

Keywords: fantasy adventure, science fiction/fantasy, young adult/new adult, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, survival stories, metaphysical, psychics, love, action and adventure, zombies, androids, cyborgs, light reads, superheroes
Age group: 14+
Word count: around 40,000 per book, and around 20,000 per short story
Chronological reading order: The Lunar Dancer, The Hidden Lights, The Lonely King, Drooma Island