The Lonely King

The Soul Seer Saga, Book 2

Rimn helped saved the City of Lights from her former master, and the friendly desert dwellers freed her in return. They even took things a step farther when Squall Eroa and a couple other men from the city volunteered to escort her to the nearest coastal city, getting her one step closer to the Cloud. Things are looking up for the struggling empath—until she and the men in her escort are attacked by a swarm of hungry Drooma. Rimn and Squall manage to get away, but they are separated from the others in their group and end up lost in the desert. They have Squall’s camel, but they have hardly any water. With the threat of dehydration looming over them, they’ll have to think fast or pray someone can save them or their journey will end almost as soon as it begun.

The Lonely King Cover