This website is used primarily as a home for all of my original works from books, music, art, animation, and whatever else I create. My works (solo projects and projects done with others) are posted on static pages as well as in my blog and are credited accordingly. My blog also contains reviews (my content and opinion) of books, games, TV series, and movies made by people I am not necessarily affiliated with. My creations are not to be reposted or used without permission. I may also post fanart at times, in which case I will say it is fanart of another property. I have the right to change the content on my website and blog at any time.

I do link to places off of my website. Everything is safe as far as I know as I have been these places myself, but I can’t guarantee anything as I do not own those other sites.

I review things I like. Books, games, TV series, and movies mostly. Any reviews I post are entirely my own opinion and experience. I may use thumbnail-sized images of book covers, game promotional images etc., in my reviews, but they will only ever be used as an aid for the review itself which is my personal content and opinion. I may also use short quotes to aid my reviews.