A Prince of Howling Sky

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Only one of them was destined to be king.

Werewolves follow the most capable alphas. It’s instinct.

Moonlight is the simplest way to gauge potential because it underlies all abilities—most importantly, strength.

The greatest kings wield more moonlight than anyone, and they will be succeeded by sons who can wield even more. 

Tarish and Kashe ve Lupin were both Princes of Howling Sky as cubs, but Kashe was prepared for kingship while Tarish’s title was eventually revoked. 

These days, Tarish is a captain, Howling Sky’s best. He’s content serving the older brother who adores him and couldn’t ask for more. Until recently. 

Tarish is in love with a lowly guard. Their relationship is a secret, but secrets never stay buried. Kashe will learn the truth, and when he does, Tarish must make an impossible decision.

Will Tarish obey his king or overthrow him?