Week 9 – Learning/Practicing Your Writing Craft

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You can do something for years and years, but there will always be more to learn. Even masters are continuously learning their craft.

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. Though I wouldn’t call myself a master of any kind there, I’ve seen undeniable improvements throughout the years. I’m self-taught. We get better at things by practicing, yes, but having a mentor doesn’t hurt. Actually, they’re very helpful. Whether you have a personal mentor or Google a certain topic, we have so many avenues to learn.

Learn and practice. Doing them side by side will yield the best and quickest improvements.

When you’re starting to feel stagnant, maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit too. Search for topics you wouldn’t normally think to learn about.

I used to only be interested in anime and cartoon art, but I’ve been trying to branch out and study realism. I’ve been doing that quite a bit with ballpoint pens, a much closer interpretation of something real at least, instead of only doing digital art too.

Everyone is going to feel differently about art, as with everything else. Some people think it’s very important to develop a style and stick with that. Maybe a specific medium too. Other people will tell you to try new things, kind of like what I was just saying. Whatever you do, if you’re trying to master a specific thing or not, there’s great value in learning and practicing.

It’s the same with writing.

My progress doesn’t look all that impressive this week. I had some setbacks and I’ve been tired, but it’s all good. Sometimes we need rest. Sometimes we need to hold back on practicing for a bit while we put more into learning.

There’s a balance that has to be met.

I can write words all day, but unless I’m actively studying the craft of storytelling and language, it’ll take me much longer to improve.

Likewise, if I spend all my time learning and never practicing, I’m not going to get anywhere.

Queen of Werewolves – The Lost Princess of Howling Sky Book 3

I got 10,229 more words in for the first draft! I’m nearing the end. I can see it. Like, less than ten scenes away at this point. I wrote the scene I was scared of, and it’s worked out like I knew it would. I outline like a fucking insane person for a reason. It’s nice to see that it’s worthwhile.

Of course, this first draft has plenty I need to fix. You can’t write something perfect on the first try even with an extensive outline, but it’s coming along.

Once Soulmates – These Immortal Vows Book 3

I added another 3,303 to the first draft! It’s not really any more than last week because I gave myself time off for this one. I’ve been working hard and my creative drive was running on low. Sometimes breaks must be taken. Yoga. Playing with critters. Video games. Movies. Reading. It’s all good. I gave my permission to indulge a bit more than usual this week.

And I’ve been taking more time to learn craft from other writers and to learn editing from other editors. It’s all good and productive in its own right.

But this book is going strong! I’m feeling good about the direction of this first draft too. (Again, outlining. My first drafts never really go astray because of that.)

And I can say that dictation is faster for me. I should always dictate my first draft if I want a more efficient workflow. The next step will be learning not to hate it so much…


Learn and practice! Find your balance!

And tell me what you’ve done this week.

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