Bright New Day Productions Introduction

I had the opportunity to learn a bit about animation a while back. I’ve dabbled in animation off and on for a few years now. I thought I was going to go the 3D route when I took some classes. I decided 3D isn’t my favorite thing. I might get back to it someday, but my first love is 2D. I ended up doing some stuff with 2D because of that. I’ve gained a bunch of knowledge through it all, and it’s fun looking back at the starting point of anything. The starting point of my serious attempt at 2D is with Bright New Day Productions.

Bright New Day Productions is a Youtube channel that posts a bunch of children’s videos. It’s a group effort between me and my family. I just kind of help out here and there with some voice work, music, and animation. Mostly animation. So, here’s the video, and introduction to Bright New Day Productions, with my first animation using Toon Boom, animation software that is super bomb, with original characters and all that goodness. I also sang the song in this video. 😉 I think I’ll post some character sheets later and talk about this entire process a bit as well as all the things I learned.

When you’re first starting out with anything, the biggest accomplishment is to just finish something. Seriously. Nothing is beautiful and perfect the first time you try it. Be proud of where you are at the beginning and keep working to get better. That’s my goal with everything. I’ve really had to learn to overcome my perfectionist side so I don’t sit there polishing something for eternity. I’m a lot happier now in everything I do. I finish, I move on, and I keep improving. It’s all good.

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