The Pull of Destiny

Undying Love, Book 2

A demon killed her parents.

That same demon saved her life.

Arsen has been playing games with Tasia’s heart. Rynne is actually her guardian angel and protecting her might have cost him his life. Her world is falling apart.

Monsters, demons, and angels are all real.

The angels tell Tasia she is blessed by God. It is her destiny to stop Arsen along with all of the other demons plaguing the earth. She has a powerful, soul binding connection to Arsen. That is why she’ll be able to use him.

He can’t kill her.

She can make him pay for what he has done.

The lines between revenge and justice blur together.
Angels and demons aren’t simply good and evil.
There is more than one side to each story.

The Pull of Destiny (Undying Love, #2)