The Pull of Destiny

Undying Love, Book 2

Hate clouds the truth you don’t want to see.

Tasia’s life changed forever the night her parents were killed by Arsen. She never thought demons could be so real and tangible. She never imagined she’d join a group of monster hunters and learn how to fight. She couldn’t fathom a world where she would get the boy of her dreams just to find out he’s an angel and then to have him ripped away from her in the same instant.

But that’s reality.

Angels saved Tasia and her fellow monster hunters from a demon and monster attack on their base. Now they’re telling Tasia that she’s some kind of chosen one who will stop this evil from plaguing her world once and for all. She doesn’t know how someone like her could do all of that, but she’s willing to do anything if it means stopping the madness—especially if it means making Arsen pay for what he has done.

Why question the angels who saved your life when the demons are obviously in the wrong?