The Hidden Lights

The Soul Seer Saga, Book 1

Sometimes hope in something better is the last thing holding a person together.

The people on the land below are scattered and broken, but in the sky exists the perfect civilization: the Cloud. For being such a prominent legend, few on the Soil really know anything about the Cloud; the worthy few picked for ascension are never allowed to touch the Soil ever again.

Rimn Balentin is one of the unique individuals on the Soil who is considered gifted. She’s an empath, and that means she never gets a chance to be alone with her own feelings because she’s constantly being bombarded by the feelings of others. While many view her ability as a gift, she sees it as more of a curse. Her gift did lead to her being captured and forced into slavery after all. There is nothing left but pain on the Soil for Rimn and reaching the Cloud is all the hope she has left, but how will she ever reach the Cloud when she’s trapped in a desert so far away and being held against her will? A desert dweller named Squall just might have the answer for that, but nothing’s ever so easy, and even if Rimn is freed, she has a long way to go before she’ll be able to reach the land of legend.


The Hidden Lights Cover