Hearts Lie

Undying Love, Book 1

A human girl with a sixth sense. A mortal guardian angel. A feared and hated demon. An unlikely trio bound together by fate to change the world.

Sixteen-year-old Tasia Wren was born with the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. She knows a thing or two about the supernatural, but she’s mostly like any other teenage girl, especially when it comes to boys. She’s in love with her best friend, the boy every girl is in love with. Her biggest worry is telling him how she feels—until the night her parents are killed by a demon.

Though he was once human, Rynne is now Tasia’s guardian angel. He was handpicked by the oracle, leader of all angels, to guide and protect the girl he has since fallen in love with while she fulfills her world-changing destiny. The oracle prophesies Tasia has the power to rid demons from the mortal world once and for all because her soul is connected to the son of the most infamous demon ever known, but she will need Rynne’s support along the way. Even if it means his life.

The demon Arsen has hated and been hated by angels his entire life. His father killed the first oracle, and Arsen proved he carries his father’s blood on the night he killed the current oracle’s beloved. However, that same night, Arsen lost the only light and love of his life, and he blames the angels. He has accepted an existence of nothing but darkness and killing angels in his rage for the love he lost. But when he meets Tasia on the night of her parents’ death, she changes everything. She conjures up feelings inside of him he never thought he would feel again. She has a power over him no one else does and holds the key to either his destruction or his salvation.

Angels and demons like you’ve never seen them before.