Undying Love Genesis, Book 2

The new women in town avoid everyone and never come outside. It’s almost like they’re allergic to sunlight. Like vampires.

When you live in a small town and tomorrow is a lot like yesterday, you tend to pay special attention to anything new that happens. That’s how the Young boys feel about the two reclusive women who just moved in. James is infatuated with them, but Ryan thinks they’re suspicious.

James spends every moment he gets spying on the two women, claiming one of them has the hots for him. It’s up to his older brother Ryan to keep him out of trouble and to stop him from making a fool of himself, or worse—coming off as a stalker. If James’s reputation was their only problem, they’d be all right. But the situation is a lot more dangerous than it appears. The Young boys just might end up a supernatural monster’s lunch unless they have a guardian angel looking out for them.