Drooma Island

The Soul Seer Saga, Book 3

Rimn was almost killed by a Hunter, and she ended up going on a wildly different adventure to help a lonely king, but she and Squall are back on the right track. They’ve made it to Seaside, the coastal city Rimn and the rest of her escort were supposed to go to in the first place. Rimn and Squall hope to meet up with the rest of their group, but Rimn is also dreading what that means. When Squall finds his fellow desert dwellers and Rimn finds a ship that will take her to the North, she’ll never see Squall again. Little does she know, she has bigger problems to worry about. She and Squall find an inn to stay at for the night and end up running into an old friend of Squall’s. His name is Luthen, and despite Squall insisting he’s a friend, Rimn has a terrible feeling about him and his intentions for her and Squall.

Drooma Island Cover