Drooma Island

The Soul Seer Saga, Book 3

A test of survival.

Rimn was almost killed by a Hunter. She got away and went on a wild adventure to help a lonely king. Now she and Squall are reunited and getting back on track.

They have arrived at the coastal city called Seaside. This is as far as Squall is supposed to go, but things don’t go to plan.

They’re greeted by Squall’s old friend, Luthen. Rimn trusts Squall, but Luthen makes her skin crawl.

And for good reason.

The old friend has a grudge against Squall and exacts his revenge. He maroons Rimn and Squall on a deadly island infested with Drooma.

Will they survive?

Drooma Island (The Soul Seer Saga, #3)