Awash with Summer Roses

Sixteen-year-old Moriah Schaper is a troublemaker. She planned to spend every night of summer in the city with her band living up to that title. Sex, drugs, stealing, breaking and entering, she was ready for it all. She didn’t plan on getting busted by the cops on the first night. She didn’t plan on her parents sending her away to the countryside to stay with her grandparents in Fairgarden. And she certainly didn’t plan on the blind boy who works in her grandparents’ rose garden.

Avery Bosque may be blind, but he can do almost anything Moriah can do. She thinks of him as a mystery that has to be solved because he’s the only one in the small town of Fairgarden that doesn’t fit the mold—and it’s not because he’s blind. She has seen him lurking around late at night in the town’s “forbidden forest.” Maybe he’s a troublemaker just like her.

Even though Avery seems to always be there when Moriah needs him, he isn’t eager to share his secrets. Likewise, Moriah isn’t willing to believe anyone could actually care about her when her parents never have.

Can two broken hearts make a whole?