Awash with Summer Roses

He drives me crazy.

But I think I’m starting to like him.

And the stupid roses he loves.

My name is Ri. I’m the kind of delinquent girl you hear horror stories about.

I had so many rule breaking plans this summer, but none of them involved my grandparents. Their livelihood is their dumb rose garden, and they live out in the middle of nowhere in a town called Fairgarden. My parents thought it would be the perfect place to reform my bad attitude. So they shipped me off.

But then I met Avery.

Avery works for my grandparents. He’s got more secrets than anyone I’ve ever known. I think he might be a bigger troublemaker than I am, though you couldn’t tell by the way he pretends to be this perfect angel.

Did I mention he’s blind and scary perceptive?

And he actually listens to me.

He’s weird, a mystery I have to solve.

I have to know his secrets.

Can two broken hearts make a whole?

Keywords: young adult, contemporary romance, magical realism, blindness, troublemaker, love, change
Age group: 14+
Word count: around 100,000 words