REVIEW: Prism by Nina Walker

★★★★ 4/5

I've been reading like it's going out of fashion lately. Know why? Well, my BFF got me Kindle Unlimited for a year. It was the best/worst Christmas present she could have given me, and I was so angry and happy because I knew I would be reading waaaaay more than I should. She's awesome, okay? Everyone needs a best friend like her. (Shelby, you beautiful pirate you, I love you forever and always.)

Anyway, what do you do when you have Kindle Unlimited? You load up on books that catch your interest, of course, and have a reading marathon. Prism by Nina Walker is one of the books I borrowed. I've seen it floating around for a few months now. I'm basically a book stalker at this point in my life, so it's not surprising. It's also young adult, magical and dystopian, my kind of book.

Prism is Nina Walker's debut novel and the first in a series that isn't finished, so it's the first thing I've ever read by her. I like reading new authors because you never know when you'll find a new favorite. However, it also means going in blind. You don't really know what to expect because you don't have any expectations other than maybe genre. In this case, all I had were genre expectations. Did she hit those? Yes, indeed. It was a young adult dystopian novel with magic. I liked it, and it was solid, but I didn't love it.

First, let me say, I think anyone who likes young adult dystopian novels, specifically of The Selection by Kiera Cass variety, would like this book quite a bit. I, however, didn't care for The Selection either. I wouldn't rate it badly, but it's not really my thing.

I'm sooooo VERY picky when it comes to romance. I didn't like the romance in Prism. It's totally a personal problem because I apparently lack a romantic heart. I wouldn't have minded romance if it was done differently, but I feel like Jessa and Prince Lucas liked each other for no reason and were ready to, like, jump out a window for each other in the next second?

Let's clear the air. I know all about soulmates, fated mates, and whatever else you might want to call them in paranormal romance (I write them under a penname), but I wasn't given any reason to think Prism was following one of those "fate chose these people" story mechanics, and yet it felt exactly like that was what was happening without the clear distinction of "this person is my soulmate." Maybe it shouldn't have, but it really brought me out of the story. I never bonded with any of the characters very well, probably because of my immediate dislike for this story element that doesn't seem to fit.

I did finish the book though, because, like I said, it was solid and I did want to know what happened in the end. Aside from the romance and lack of connection to characters, I did enjoy the story and world. The magic was pretty bomb and stems from colors. Color alchemists can take color from the world around them and use it for different purposes depending on the color, but using this magic also leaves something gray, quite dead. It's really cool and I'm curious where that will lead things in the end with the onset of the revolution. I'm not sure I enjoyed the first book enough to read the next book though. We'll see what happens.

If you like romance through the eyes of a teenage girl and like books like The Selection, you'll probably really enjoy Prism. Don't knock something until you try it, right?

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