REVIEW: The Greatest Showman

★★★★ 4/5

I saw The Greatest Showman with some family members during the Christmas holiday. That alone made it fun since I don't get to see a couple of them very often. I was also sick, so that wasn't so fun. Ever gone to a movie theater where you're practically dying while you try to hold in your coughing? That was me.

I went into this movie blind. Basically. I knew it was a musical inspired by P.T. Barnum and his circus. That was about it, but sometimes it's seriously nice to just see a movie without seeing any trailers beforehand. It was refreshing.

I was a little worried about the music in this movie, since recent musicals I've seen have been less than what I expect from a musical? I suppose I expect broadway voices or the usually solid singers in a Disney film.

The live action Beauty and the Beast was a let down for me in that department. Emma Watson's voice wasn't the Belle I expected and the use of pitch correction was so severe it was distracting. I'm probably pickier than most since I do so much with music.

La La Land, which I love, was also... lacking in the voice department for me? I dunno, you guys. I'm a sucker for power vocals. I really am. I've worked for years to get my voice to where it is, and I'll still never be satisfied. HAH. So now we know a little bit more about my obsession with vocals in music.

I am happy to report that I was quite satisfied with the voices in The Greatest Showman. I found the entire soundtrack quite enjoyable and engaging the whole way through. That is beyond important for a musical. I've been listening to one song in particular on repeat since watching the movie. I do that, play a song I love to death, because obsession.

The story was also quite enjoyable. I mean, typical live your dreams, happy kind of musical thing you'd expect. It was uplifting. So, if you like musicals, the circus, crazy people risking everything for the sake of their dreams, I recommend giving this movie a go. Not convinced? Just listen to that soundtrack, friends.

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