REVIEW: Of Dreams and Dragons by Karpov Kinrade

★★★★ 4/5

Karpov Kinrade. Fantasy authors with lots of pennames. But for real, they have written a lot of books. Karpov Kinrade, that penname specifically, writes my kind of books. Fantasy. Fantasy. Fantasy.

Fantasy is my favorite thing ever. All of my books have a fantasy aspect of some sort, even Awash with Summer Roses. If it's not full-on epic fantasy, it's magical realism or at least a touch of it. The best thing about fantasy is not getting lost only in a new world, but deriving truths and insights from that new world so abstract and yet so similar to our own. Even in the wildest of fantasies, we want characters and situation to relate to and empathize with.

Of Dreams and Dragons is a solid fantasy. The world Karpov Kinrade built is beautiful and has its own set of rules, like every great fantasy, to draw the reader into the world. Karpov Kinrade likes to ease us into these fantasy worlds by starting out in our own world. We learn the rules of the fantasy world along with the protagonist. Every fantasy has to world build somehow and this way is pretty effective. It also might make it easier to relate to the protagonist since they come from a place much like you or me.

Sky Knightly, while living in a world like ours, was never an ordinary woman. She never belonged to our world, but she didn't know anything about the world she was from either. However, because she's always had this mysterious mark on her wrist and an unexplainable power, she isn't completely taken aback when she learns about another world. Nine to be exact. There are nine worlds.

I could go on and on about anything related to world-building since I do the same exact thing with my own books, at least when it comes to my notes and outlining, but let's move on because you'll learn all you need to learn if you read the book. Basically, I love well thought out fantasy worlds, and Of Dreams and Dragons did not disappoint. Plus dragons.

A lot happened in a single book. While Of Dreams and Dragons is definitely a solid standalone story, the nine worlds, and the way the book ended beg for more. The only character we REALLY get to know is Sky, which I felt was a bit unfortunate (because I'm big on deep characters). There was a pretty wide cast of characters and I would have liked to spend more time with them all, especially the love interest. Because this book was the makings of an epic fantasy but was ONE book that was well under 1,000 pages, it felt very quick. I'm the first person to complain if I think a story is too long and drawn out (I'm looking at you, Brisingr. You ruined my love for Eragon), but Of Dreams and Dragons ALMOST has the opposite problem.

If you're ready for a quick epic fantasy-esque love affair, pick up this book. It's a good time, a fun read, and a great escape. 🙂

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