Seaquest: Ocean Life Adventures

I went to a new aquarium near where I live called Seaquest. I've been to aquariums before but this one was super interactive. AN OCTOPUS HELD MY FINGER AND NOW MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. I never knew I needed an octopus's blessing to transcend the mortal realm, but there you go.

Ocean life is pretty awesome. My spirit animal is a dolphin. When I was a kid, I'd splash around in the pool in the backyard for ours pretending to be one. Water and swimming have always been some of my favorite things. I'm convinced that if I lived by the ocean, I would have been a surfer. Who knows, but if there was a sport I'd be interested in, it'd probably have something to do with water.So, as I said, an octopus held my finger. It was soooo cool. She was cute and red and those weird little suction cups on her tentacles got stuck on my skin and it felt so weird, but it was awesome. I took a little video of her.

You could feed stingrays there too. I didn't do that, but I watched other people do that and it was amusing to watch since their mouths are on the bottom of their flat bodies. I got to pet them too. They had a bunch of different types and each one was ADORABLE. I didn't get any pictures of these guys because I guess I wasn't thinking or something, so sorry about that. :/

They had a mess of doctor fish that would come up and eat the dead skin off your hand. You could pay to have them eat the dead skin off your feet too. Oh. My. Goodness. Their little mouths tickled something fierce, but it was fun. ALSO DIDN'T TAKE PICTURES OF THESE GUYS. JEEZ. Apparently, that octopus was everything and no one else compared. 😉 Just kidding. Kind of.

They had lizards, jellyfish, snakes, and birds too. I have footage of those guys! And a really big eel like the eels in Disney's The Little Mermaid. They had a tank of lionfish too, which I love. Check them out!

red lizard

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