Soul Seer Book 1 Released!

The first book in the Soul Seer Saga is released! You can buy it on amazon for $0.99

I’m really excited to share this story with all of you, and I’m already working on the second book. It will be released this year as well. Drop me a line if you give Soul Seer: the Hidden Lights a read. I’d love to hear what you thought of it!


When you share the emotions of everyone around you, how do you know which feelings, if any, belong to you?

The unusual ability to feel the exact emotions of every other human being sets Rimn apart from normal people. Some might view such an ability as a gift, but she sees it as a curse. In order to save herself and others, she is determined to reach the legendary land hidden in the northern sky, the Cloud, to either purge herself of her ability or learn how to control it.

Captured and enslaved, Rimn is brought to the South where it seems her journey will end before it even begins, but a group of mysteriously cloaked desert dwellers infiltrate her master’s fortress, enabling her escape to their home, the City of Lights. Though she is again forced to take an unwilling detour from the Cloud, Rimn will delve into the hearts of her unlikely heroes as she takes the first step into the adventure of her life where she will decipher the truths and lies of the world.



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